Antonio Mora


3D Artist

The Artist went to college in Psychology and Philology and finally completed a Masters degree in Graphic Design. Some years later he founded his own design studio where he worked as Art director for 25 years. After health troubles, he decided to devote himself looking for techniques that would allow him to express his emotions. With photoshop tools that allow him to blur the boundaries between two overlapping images, he creates a mix of faces with landscapes, trees and lakes, bays, and oceans in a subtle way, until both images make a different being.

Art by Antonio Mora
Fantasía del Fauno 2018 1400€
La Rama Dorada 2017 1400€
Tattoo 2018 2400€
Collage 2018 SOLD€
The Dreamer 2400€
Symbiosis 2018 2800€
African Summer 2018 2800€
Moher 2017 1200€