Elsa Zorkow



The Artist was born 1938 in Berlin - Germany, and grew up in Oberstdorfim, Allgau. In 1985 she studied Painting and Sculpture at the ´Sint-Lukas Institut´ in Brussels – Belgium, and started to produce monumental paintings and Lithography in 1987. In 1991 Elsa open her own Atelier in Brussels.

Art by Elsa Zorkow
Blowing in the Wind I 3200€
Piano Dream 1900€
Love Letter 3200€
Message in a Bottle 1900€
Blowing in the Wind II 3200€
Every Little Thing 1300€
Out of Africa 5400€
Elephant 1900€
Little Flower I 500€
Little Flower II 500€
Little Flower III 500€