Ernesto Mies



Ernesto was born in 1952. He remembers to be fascinated by the contrast between a yellow triangle with black when he was 5 years. Had for 6 years Theo Deisel/Student of Johannes Itten like professor of art on the Are-Gymnasium in Bad Neuenahr. Later, he saw the Art-Academy and the University from within. In 1975 was he´s 1st Individual exposition. In 1976 Official certificate of artistic incapacity from the IFK Münster / Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, and in 1979 had Rehabilitation from the Academie des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Art by Ernesto Mies
Blue House SOLD€
Barquinho de Ferragudo 1250€
Summer on the Beach SOLD€
Ria Formosa SOLD€
Ana Vieira SOLD€
English Classes 300€
Fried Egg 1 SOLD€
Fried Egg 2 60€
AGIP - Farmacy 380€
Casinhas na Praia SOLD€
Boat Amina 950€
Ria Formosa III SOLD€
Ilha da culatra II SOLD€
Ria Formosa II SOLD€
Fisherman´s House by the Beach SOLD€
Formosa Island SOLD€
White Sail Boat SOLD€
The Lost Mine SOLD€
Little Blue Houses II SOLD€
Three Old Fisherman's Houses SOLD€
Three Beach Houses 180€
Caminho da Ilha da Armona 1850€
Ria Formosa 2020 - I 2450€
Ilha da Armona 2020 - I SOLD€
Gatão SOLD€
Strand Casetten 1850€
Caminho para a Ilha da Armona 1250€
A Barca Negra SOLD€