Lesley Goldie



Lesley was a graphic designer and art director in the design and advertising industry before becoming a lecturer in visual communication. As an artist, she applies her knowledge and experience to depict the passage of time through abstract expression. This current body of work uses delicate glazes to convey fleeting and intangible emotions allowing your imagination to explore the concept of loss and the need for reflection. Lesley has exhibited at various locations in the Algarve as well as showing work in a digital format at MoMA in New York.

Art by Lesley Goldie
Reflection I 650€
Reflection IV 650€
Reflection III 650€
Reflection II 650€
How does it Feel... 1800€
Stand Up and be Counted 1800€
Reflection XI 180€
Reflection VIII 180€
Reflection IX 180€
Reflection X 180€
Reflection VII 400€
Reflection VI 400€