Marco Conti



Born in Rome, he spent part of his childhood in Dubrovnik. Still very young, he discovers his passion for drawing, with Italian comic books. In 1991, the ex-Yugoslavia disintegrates, and Marco, still a child, experience the war. Drawing will become for him, a very effective way to exorcise his fears and obsessions. At the end of the '90s, Marco discovers the graffiti culture and street art. After his diploma at the Art School of Rome, he studies architecture in Paris, discovering and exploring the Digital Arts and 3D. In 2012, he starts to work as a director and photographer in advertising and music and in 2014, writes and directs his first short movie. Since 2017, Marco lives and works in Portugal.

Art by Marco Conti
Yellow Head SOLD€
Rose Head SOLD€
Fuck You 300€
Fuck War 300€
Crack Head 1600€
No Guns 1600€
Golden Skull, Vitae 2000€
Golden Skull, Mortem 2000€
Old Gipsy SOLD€
Four SOLD€
Black Skull 1500€
Distorted Landscapes nº2 1600€
Distorted Landscapes nº1 1600€
Girls, Girls, Girls 800€
White Skull Accumulation nº1 400€
Black Skull Accumulation nº1 400€
Blue and Green Skull Accumulation nº1 400€
Golden Skull Accumulation nº1 400€
MJ 1000€
Rebel 1200€