Pascale Fey



The artist was born in La Rochelle in France where she worked in graphic design. Pascale then simultaneously started painting and showing her works to various people and was enthused by their reaction, and never looked back since. After a lifetime longing to move and live in Portugal, she managed to make her dream come true and now lives in The Algarve. Her avatar is called Georges, a mysterious character in a greyish coat and hat forever turning his back to us.

Art by Pascale Fey
La Ballade de George 1500€
Dense d'afficher 1380€
Via Lisboa 2500€
Blackstar 58 2500€
Le Contemplatif 89 2500€
Le Voyageur 28 2500€
Le Resquilleur 90 1400€
Alentejo 52 800€
Alentejo 16 800€
Klan 3 1600€
Klan 5 760€
Klan 6 760€
La Montée des Homes 4000€
Triage 1600€
Etat d´Âmes I 2500€