Lisbon-based artist Bebeko was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Originally a mix from a Portuguese mother and a African father, she moved to Portugal in 2019 at 21 years old to pursue her dream as a full time artist. The self-taught painter, Kenya Saint-Lôt, decided to call herself Bebeko when it comes to art to pay tribute to her childhood nickname that her father used to gave her. Bebeko has always been a lost soul in this very conformist society. Trying to fit in, she finally decided to follow her heart and dare creatively. Her abstractive way to paint reflects her compulsive energy. When she paints, she trusts the guidance of her intuition. Painting like this has been her way to hear her inner voice, to accept the process and to create pieces that are as wild as her soul.

Art by Bebeko
Au Chalet 950€
This must be the Place 950€
Beach Break 950€
Sunny Side Up 650€