Hugo Batalha



HUGO BATALHA is a contemporary artist and art collector, Portuguese born in Lisbon currently living in the Algarve. He is passionate about beauty and art, possessing an imagination without limits, always with hints of irony, sarcasm and humor It does not surprise us the success it has had, being present in private collections in Portugal and abroad. All his works always convey something beautiful and convey a sense of pleasure that makes you smile and think. Painting is an escape from his professional life, it produces few works and, for this reason, occasionally exhibits, in Art Galleries or Art Fairs, chosen by himself and selling most of his paintings.

Art by Hugo Batalha
Soft Iron Man 1200€
Les Demoiselles d’Batalha 1500€
Batman Girlfriend 800€
Lucky Luke Heaven 1200€
Darth Vader 150€